Much like my digital collage and poster images, my videos are visual collages that are short pieces that pay homage to music and cinema I think work well together.

A visual collage  using various film scenes and the Song Music: Trenches- L O N E R

A visual collage homage to Gaspar Noe with Crystal castles helping

Sofia Coppola visual collage with the song Sofia Coppola- Eyedress

An Act in Repetition collage using only Béla Tarr and Andrei Tarkovsky films. Music is Avril14- Aphex twin

Ingmar Bergman knew black and white like no other director. This collge showcases some of his most powerful scenes using the theme from his 1961 film 'through a glass darkly'

Below are some videos I've done to promote local shows and buffers for my towns local indie movie theater, Pageant 

this video had no sound purposely. 

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